Sunday, June 21, 2009

2° Annual Anime Grand Prix (1980 1st Half)

Best anime : 

1. Space Runaway Ideon
2. Toward the Terra
3. Lupin III : The Castle of Cagliostro
4. Mobile Suit Gundam
5. The Adventures of Marco Polo
6. Cyborg 009
7. Space Pirate Captain Harlock
8. Space Battleship Yamato II
9. Galaxy Express 999
10. The Rose of Versailles
11. Phoenix 2772
12. Future Boy Conan
13. From the Apennines to the Andes
14. The White Whale of Mu
15. Ashita no Joe
16. Galaxy Express 999
17. Nobody's Boy - Remi
18. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
19. Twelve Months
20. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Best Character :

1. Char Aznable (Mobile Suit Gundam)
2. Amuro Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam)
3. Captain Harlock (Space Pirate Captain Harlock)
4. Joe Shimamura (Cyborg 009)
5. Sayla Mass (Mobile Suit Gundam)
6. Susumu Kodai (Space Battleship Yamato II)
7. Arthur (King Arthur)
8. Marco Polo (The Adventures of Marco Polo)
9. Oscar François de Jarjayes (The Rose of Versailles)
10. Joe Yabuki (Ashita no Joe)

Best Seiyuu :

Male : Akira Kamiya (Arthur; King Arthur)
Female : Noriko Ohara (Nobita Nobi; Doraemon)

Best song :

1. ''Fukkatsu no Ideon'' by Isao Taira (Space Runaway Ideon OP)
2. ''Honoo no Takaramono'' by Bobbi (Lupin III : The Castle of Cagliostro OP)
3. ''Terra e...'' by Da Capo (Toward the Terra OP)
4. ''Cosmo ni Kimi to'' by Keiko Toda (Space Runaway Ideon ED)
5. ''Taga Tame Ni'' by ??? (Cyborg 009 OP)
6. ''Ashita no Joe ~Utsukushiki Okami Tachi~'' by ??? (Ashita no Joe OP)
7. ''Fly to the Mu'' by Kentaroh Haneda (The White Whale of Mu ED)
8. ''I Travel From One Day'' by Kei Ogura (The Adventures of Marco Polo OP)
9. ''Ai no Planet'' by Da Capo (Toward the Terra ED)
10. ''Amuro Forever'' by Koh Ikeda (Mobile Suit Gundam ED)


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  3. Dare ga Tame ni is preformed by Ken Narita and Koorogi '73 while Ashita no Joe is preformed by Takeshi Obo

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