Sunday, March 24, 2013

35° Annual Anime Grand Prix (2012)

Best anime :

1. Wolf Children
2. Kuroko no Basuke 
3. Sword Art Online
4. Inazuma Eleven GO 2 : Chrono Stone
5. Hyouka
6. Magi 
7. Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo 
8. Space Brothers 
9. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
10. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : The Animation 
11. Fate/Zero 
13. Yuri Yuri 2
14. Sakamichi no Apollon 
15. Tamako Market 
16. Hunter X Hunter 
17. Saint Seiya Omega
18. Zetsuen no Tempest 
19. Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
20. Girls und Panzer 

21. Bodacious Space Pirates
22. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
23. K
24. Accel World 
25. tsuritama 
26. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 
27. Fairy Tail
28. Little Busters!
29. Humanity Has Declined
30. From the New World

Best Female Character :

1. Nanobana Kinako (Inazuma Eleven)

Best Male Character :

1. Kirino Ranmaru (Inazuma Eleven)

Best Song :

1. ''V.I.P'' by Sid (Magi OP)

Best Seiyuu :

Yuki Kaji (Haruyuki Arita, Accel World)

The choice to select the best voice actors (Seiyuus) and characters are made considering only the letters and emails that fans send to Tokuma Shoten's office throughout the year, so there is no interference of the editors in the selection process.


  1. Where is the 2012 Grand Prix? ç___ç

  2. Yep, where is 2012 Grand Prix? (I really hope we can have it because this is my very best reference when choosing anime to watch! (And it never disappointed me).

  3. I hope Sword Art Online are NOT IN TOP 10. :(

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    2. I agree!

      I liked the first half of the series (although sometimes the narrative sounded too simplistic), but I didn't like the second part :(

      For me the best of this year (considering that Attack on Titan will only appear on next year's list) were Fate/Zero and Hyouka. Fate/Zero is the one to win. It was not perfect but corrected the failures from the first season (dragged story(sometimes)) and kept the good animation, had a great ending, was a huge success (enough to convince Ufotable to remake 'Fate/Stay Night'), etc...

      But my favorite anime of the year was Hyouka...Because it was just so beautiful! Maybe the story needed to focus on some objective (and still needs a better ending), but the characters are all amazing, animation is really beautiful (made by Kyoto Animation in the same style as K-ON! but much more mature) and the OST really surprised me. Sometimes it made me feel like I was watching a Studio Ghibli movie.
      But it was not 'otaku appealing' such as Nisemonogatari (full of girls, fights and stuff(that I also like)) and maybe the public won't fall in love for it, but I hope we can always have this kind of anime to watch.

    3. Yeah. I hope Wolf Children appear in TOP 5 at least. Fate/Zero is my favorite anime of all time =)

  4. Misspelled YuruYuri as Yuri Yuri.

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